Park Features

What to expect

Park Features

Welcome to the wonderful world of AirHop – 100% fun guaranteed.

Main Court

A sea of over 50 interconnected trampolines that span right across the floor and up the walls. Our main court keeps it simple – no frills, just bouncing fun. Defy gravity and take flight in what can only be described as trampoline heaven. All ages and abilities warmly welcome.

Foam Pit

The Foam Pit is where dreams meet reality – master tricks or simply enjoy the freedom of flying and landing in a pile of soft foam cubes. Our huge foam pit is suspended by a trampoline to offer maximum safety when landing.

Dodgeball / Dodge Attack

Have you got what it takes to become the ultimate Dodgeball champion? Line up in two teams and battle it out – last one standing wins. Our dodgeball courts are made up of a sea of trampolines that span across the floor and up the walls and foam balls to throw at each other. The rules are simple – hit an opponent with the ball and they’re out. Game on!

JUST ADDED! Dodge Attack – Much like Dodgeball but the target is a board instead of a human. Score points every time you hit the other team’s target.

Slam Dunk

Always fancied yourself as a slam dunk expert but never had the height or spring to fulfil your dreams? AirHop is here to help. Reaching for the stars has never been easier – fulfil your dunking potential with assistance from one of our very helpful trampolines,

AirHop Café

Our café is the perfect place to take a breather, watch in awe as others defy gravity around you, or relax in an oasis of calm away from trampoline mania. Warm up with a lovely hot beverage or cool down with an ice-cold slushie. We also have a selection of hot and cold food, cakes and snacks available.